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Hi readers!


I hope Snap came alive for you and your child, and that his story reached into the place where your child feels the ache to belong, and the sting of messing up over and over. 

My wish for your child is that through reading the story of LITTLE SNAP'S BIG LIFE your child will see himself in Snap and realize that his lovability is not dependent on his behaviors or abilities.

My hope for parents and caregivers is that they will have a window into the heart of their child, and that they will come to learn that if a child is put into an environment that meets

his needs and abilities, he will thrive.

I have spent many years parenting children of various needs and abilities through the U.S. foster care system, some of the children we adopted into our family. I have four biological children as well. Spending so much time with these children and being stretched to meet their needs taught me to research and learn everything I could to meet them where they were, and to ultimately help them progress in the direction they needed to go.

Raising children is challenging, and even more so when parenting children with different needs, high needs, and special needs. One thing that helped me trememdously when parenting difficult children was this little saying I had heard, "Make it hard for them to mess up."  I lived by that and created a world for the children that was more fitted to them. This did not mean that the child was in charge, it meant that if a child was not capable, I didn't put him in that situation. This can mean anything from "out of the box" thinking to obvious things like not taking a child with sensory overload to a concert.  That is the message that parents need to help their child be successful.

Snap is a warm, lovable character that you and your child can get cozy with and talk about the days difficulties. Discuss what happened. Talk about what you both could have done differently. Role play, laugh and have fun, and know that you are both still loved.

Your good things are bigger!!


Love and blessings,

Sandra J Little